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  1. Atif Aslam
    Atif Aslam
    February 2, 2015 at 10:43 pm | Reply

    Salam sis,

    My name is Atif and I was diagnosed with MS in 2005.

    Mashalla I’ve only had one relapse since then!.

    The following is my testimonial. I hope this will help…

    My name is Atif Aslam and I am an MS sufferer. I was diagnosed in 2005 and that was the year my life was filled with pain. I still remember that night in 2007 when I had taken my Interferon injection and the pain had started to fill my mind, I made a prayer, took a pain killer and started surfing the net looking for a solution for this disease. It was then when I came accross Dr Lawrence’s number. I called the number up and spoke to Dr Lawrence. He told me about the LDN drug along with the vitamine diet regime. I dont know why but I trusted Dr Lawrence’s advice and followed his advised steps. One month later the pain had dissappeared. And slowley but surely, my mobility had returned. I am now able to walk without crutches and get a good workout in the gym.

    Dr Lawrence has helped me getv my life in control…pain free!! At the start I was frightened at the shear number of vitamins he put me on, and also, the doctor at the hospital was telling me to stop the vit diet. So I listened to the doctors advice and stopped all the vits…two weeks after stopping the vits my health got worse and I started to experience new types of pain! So I spoke to Dr Lawrence and he told me why im experiencing the pain… he advised me to start the vits again, which I did and the pain was gone again!!

    On the LDN treatment I had power but I was taking the wrong dose.. I was wrong into thinking that the drug affect would have more affect the higher the dose. I was wrong as I experiencing painfull urination. Dr Lawrence advised me to try dropping the LDN dose from 4.5ml to 3ml. I have now been taking 3ml for a year and I feel GREAT!!!!

    I am so greatfull that I got in touch with Dr Lawrence as he has helped me like no other Dr would. If only every MS sufferer could the same help.

    Thank you


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